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About T Salon

T Salon's mission is to create a ground swell of conscious tea drinkers and inspire the heartbeat of millions through the spirit of an everyday cup of tea. To walk and talk with our eyes open, keep an open heart and mind, and educate our customers in the ancient world and the art of tea.

More than that, we are dedicated to expanding the virtues of responsible business practices by maintaining a social and environmental awareness. We do this by providing non-GMO, fair trade options while using recyclable material for distribution. However, T Salon also takes it one step further by supporting the American Sustainable Business Council, which gives us an active voice in shaping policies that will create a better world. From a passion for aroma, to a passion for wellness, to a passion for the environment, we reach towards enlightenment for ourselves and others through tea.

T Salon has served and donated our teas throughout the years to breast cancer awareness, ovarian cancer foundations, and heart health foundations. We support events in the public interest from Donna Karan's Urban Zen and the Clinton Global Initiative to encounters with the Dali Lama; we service spas and yoga centers, TED Talks and conferences, and hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. We attend the Natural Food Expo, Tea and Coffee Expo, Food and Wine conventions, such as the Aspen Food and Wine convention, and frequent other national and international shows.

We seek to insert ourselves into global consciousness that we may increase awareness to the benefits of our tea. Though tea is the second beverage after water, not all teas are made with the same goals, the same benefits, or the same quality. When you enjoy that secret moment of pleasure found in the aroma of fantastic tea and followed by a sip of satisfaction, we hope you do it through our innovative methods; we want you to know you are supporting a worthwhile business with a vision for your health and the health of the world.

About Miriam Novalle

Miriam Novalle is the founder and CEO of T Salon established in 1992. By using her extraordinary skills as a perfumer or "Nose", she has since been dubbed by New York Times as the "Tea Guru" for her harmonious blends.

When Miriam opened her first T Salon there were only a handful of establishments in New York City that offered the tradition of tea. Growing with the appreciation for tea, and the early success of Soho's T Salon & Emporium, Miriam branched out to the Flatiron district, Chelsea Market in the meatpacking district and later to West Hollywood in LA. She has since engaged T Salon products in "pop-up companies" for MAC cosmetics and New York City’s High Line, where her teas can be found within already established businesses.

As the tea business grew, Miriam again expanded T Salon by focusing on distributing tea as a wholesale tea merchant with a focus on eco-friendly business practices. Her passion for tea combined with her passion for the environment has revolutionized the tea industry to create a sustainable industry with a conscience.

Miriam believes in more than building a thriving business; she believes in a business that gives back to the consumers and the community. T Salon has healthy environmental options that educate her customers about the history, art and production of tea, but she also firmly believes in the healing power of tea. Victims of Hurricane Sandy were given T Salon tea as a means to help heal their mental, emotional and spiritual wounds. She served it at the Clinton Coalition for Haiti, Super Saturday for Ovarian Cancer research, the Revlon Run for Breast Cancer Research, and many more. Miriam's enthusiasm and charisma has brought the healing power of tea to many and continues to showcase the benefits of the rituals of taking the time for tea.

Allow tea to elevate your spirit

Green Coconutt

An exotic twist on a Sencha base green tea infused with Coconut and Pineapple pieces

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