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A Collection of the Finest Artists and What They Taste Like

Leon Berkowitz is one of the leading figures of the Color Field School. His works are comprised of 30 to 60 painted layers, and appear as radiant tapestries of tone, hue, and light.

BALANCE Chamomile, peppermint, blackberry leaves cinnamon bark, ginger pieces, rose petals, licorice root, and marigold flowers.

Size  3.5oz   Price  $15.00
Maxi Cohen is an award-winning artist and filmmaker based in New York City. Her work has been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum for American Art, The Israel Museum, and the National Gallery of Canada. She has been photographing lush abstractions of water for the last decade-from Australia to Bali, Brazil to Zambia - waterfalls, oceans, rivers, deltas, hot springs, and pools.

HEALING HEAVEN Jasmine flowers, lotus flowers, echinacea, st. john's wort, cat's claw, and lemongrass.

Size  3.5oz   Price  $15.00
Wendy Mark is a painter and printmaker primarily known for her monotypes and collaborations with Pulitzer Prize winning poets and writers. ACA Galleries, est. 1932, specializes in 19th and 20th century American and European Art, Modern and Contemporary paintings, drawings and sculpture.

WHITE SUNRISE IN TIBET White tipped tea with a twist of Mandarin and thistle in a robust flavor of cocoa

Size  3.5oz   Price  $15.00
Richard Mayhew's work is informed by his deep spirituality and love of music, as well as by his Native-American and African-American ancestry. Recognized as one of the most important living American landscape painters, he was a founding ember of "Spiral,"√?¬Ě a group of artists committed to promoting civil rights in the art world.

FRUITS OF THE FOREST Whole pieces of raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, bits of apple and hint of Green tea.

Size  3.5oz   Price  $15.00
Irene Hardwicke Olivieri's paintings combine an activist's passion for wildlife with a feast of details, creating allegorical images rich in deep primitive emotions. Idiosyncratic, curious and complex, Irene's art invites the viewer into the mysterious workshop of nature.

JADE GREEN OOLONG A beautiful Taiwanese Green Oolong with floral notes and a buttery finish.

Size  3.5oz   Price  $15.00
Faith Ringgold is a painter, mixed media sculptor and award-winning children's book author. Her most famous book, "Tar Beach"¬Ě has won numerous awards and was made into an animated short for HBO. ACA Galleries, est. 1932, specializes in 19th and 20th century American and European Art, Modern and Contemporary paintings, drawings and sculpture.

ROSIE EARL GREY†Distinctive taste of bergamot, and roses.

Size  3.5oz   Price  $15.00
Jack Stuppin's vibrant, undulating landscapes are emotional and subconscious reactions to nature as well as passionate appeals for environmental consciousness. Using thick impasto, energetic brushwork, and brilliant colors, he has created a distinct style.

WHITE PASSION FRUIT & PEAR White tipped tea infused with passion fruit and pear.

Size  3.5oz   Price  $15.00
Marlene Tseng Yu, born in Taiwan, has lived in America since the 1960s. At the forefront of the Environmental Green Movement, she synthesizes Eastern and Western traditions. Weaving between abstraction and figuration her luscious, undulating forms portray the power and beauty of the natural world. She has had over 68 solo museum exhibitions and is the recipient of numerous awards.

RAFIA A Green Sencha base with lemongrass, oranges and pineapple. Enjoy iced or hot.

Size  3.5oz   Price  $15.00
My curiosity in painting is exploring the space between pairs of opposites. What is between arrival and departure; thought and action; transparent and opaque; sound and silence? What is the tension in absolutes? By painting in reverse on a clear acrylic surface I create a transparency in which to explore these dualities.

ORGANIC ANGORA A black blended tea with raspberries leaves, ginger, orange peel and beetroot.

Size  3.5oz   Price  $15.00
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Green Coconutt

An exotic twist on a Sencha base green tea infused with Coconut and Pineapple pieces

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